Twist Vape Juice Purple No. 1

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Purple No. 1, formerly known as Berry Medley Lemonade, is tropical fruit lemonade flavored e juice that provides an experience that is sweeter than the average liquid on the market. Twist Vape Juice has always had the reputation of producing vape juice that packs a stronger punch than the competitor when it comes to flavor production.

The inhale provides an intense tropical fruit flavor blend that is complemented with a slight lemonade undertone. Upon exhaling Purple No. 1 is when the lemonade undertone starts to come to the forefront of this vaping experience.

The throat hit is surprisingly smooth considering that e liquids that have as strong as a flavor as Purple No. 1 do usually have a rougher throat hit. Being able to maintain a soft throat hit allows the vaper to enjoy this uniquely strong flavor experience without it being ruined by harsh coughing.

Vape Juice carries Purple No. 1 by Twist E Liquid in a 120ML bottle size with nicotine level options of 3MG, and 6MG.

  • Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit Extract
  • Nicotine Level: 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 120ML

3mg, 6mg


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