Torch Liquid Diamonds THCA + Delta 6 Disposable Ace of Spades 3.5g

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Torch Liquid Diamonds THCa +D6 Disposable 3.5g

Torch Liquid Diamonds THCa +D6 Disposable 3.5g is their brand new premium hemp-derived THC device from the Lux Collection! These devices are an absolute powerhouse, from the proprietary blend to their innovative hardware.

Each 3.5g device is filled with a blend of THCa, Delta 6, and proprietary terpenes unique to Torch. Not to mention, users will find all of this in liquid diamonds! Viewing the device, users can see a mix of pure diamonds in their sauce.

Advanced extraction methods create this form of THC; it is known to be the most potent form of concentrate available. While many other concentrates sacrifice flavor for potency, liquid diamonds provide a healthy balance of both.

Now let’s take a look at the hardware. These devices are small and compact but still hit just as hard, if not harder, than larger devices! Like most of their newest hardware, these disposables are button-activated with pre-heat functionality.

They are also fitted with a USBC charging port for a more stable power source with fast-charging capabilities. Let’s say; Torch isn’t playing around with these disposables; they want to get users high!

What Effects Should I Feel From A THCa Product?

We will give you a brief run down to get a better idea of how THCa works. THCa is another one of the many hundreds of cannabinoids that have been discovered in hemp and cannabis plants. It is a precursor to THC. All cannabinoids start in an acidic form, and THCa is the acidic form of THC.

Unlike THC, THCa is non-psychoactive and cannot bind to the CB1 receptors (the receptors responsible for producing intoxicating effects.) So then, how does this product get users high? Both THC and THCa have a similar molecular structure. The critical difference is that THCa has an extra molecular carboxyl ring. This keeps it from binding to CB1 receptors.

Tell Me More..

This cannabinoid is similar to Delta 11, PHC, and THCO because a molecule has to be removed to convert it into a more potent substance. Those cannabinoids must be digested first for their acetate molecule to be removed; THCa needs to be heated.

That said, direct sunlight, heat (smoking), or vaporizing THCa decarbs this cannabinoid and converts it into traditional THC! As users would expect, THCa provides nearly identical effects to traditional THC. Most users couldn’t tell the difference between smoking THC and THCA!


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