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Loki D8 Seltzers 20mg

$71.88 or $64.69 / month

Dive into LOKI’s captivating fusion in the cannabis seltzer realm. Lavender’s calming essence marries perfectly with the juicy allure of peach, forging a refreshing escape synonymous with summer. As with our original, expect a distinctive buzz, setting the gold standard for cannabis seltzers everywhere.

Powered by 20MG of Delta 8 — we’re proud to lead the cannabis seltzer evolution.

Sporting a mere five calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars, all underpinned by natural flavors, LOKI’s taste stakes its claim as the crown jewel of cannabis seltzers.

*Comes in a 12 Pack Only*

THC Content

Delta 8 THC


Peach Lavender


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