Fruit Duo – 6g

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Hemp Dog Bites allow your dog to benefit from the medicinal properties of CBD found in the hemp plant. Moreover, studies have shown hemp helps promote and support a healthy immune system and inflammatory response and aids in ailments that can affect your dog. Furthermore, Hemp Dog Bites may help calm and soothe your dog on a stormy night or help ease those stiff joints that come with age while being a natural-safe tasty treat for your dog.

Benefits of Hemp Dog Bites

Hemp has many medicinal benefits that dogs can benefit from, such as

  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • decreases anxiety
  • aids in appetite and digestion
  • eases the pain associated with arthritis
  • helps soothes and calm


In addition to premium quality ingredients to make the treats, we also use premium hemp extract. Moreover, we use premium CBD isolate grown and processed in the USA. CBD isolate is the closest you can get to completely pure cannabinoids. As a result, all our treats are 100% THC-free.

Ingredients for Hemp Dog Bites

First, we start with chickpea flour, honey, and infused coconut oil to base all our treats. Second, comes the toppings. Bananas, blueberries, and peanut butter create an irresistible flavor! Finally, we mix everything and bake a tasty Hemp Dog Bite!

Each bag contains 30 treats

Available in 6mg per treat (180mg total) and 12 mg per treat (360mg total)


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