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Extrax THC-M Disposable Death Star 3.5g

$69.99 or $62.99 / month

The Delta Extrax THCM disposables deliver a potent one of a kind uplifting and motivating feel with a calming body sensation. Comes in a 3.5 gram device and THC-M, 9HXY, and 8HXY distillate.

Forbidden Jelly is an Indica strain with musky aromas that taste of bold cherry. Kandy Kush is sweet as candy with strong lemon undertones. Thin Mintz is full of tasty mint and cream flavors. Death Star brings skunky aromas tinged with sweetness.

These THCM disposables are brand new, and Delta Extrax is a popular brand. Get a great uplifting and relaxing mood from Delta Extrax THCM vapes. Be very careful with dosing. 

  • 3.5 Gram Device
  • Be careful with dosing
  • The First THCM Device


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