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Extrax Delta 6 + Delta 8 + THC-X + THC-JD Disposable Blueberry Kush 3.5g

$69.99 or $62.99 / month

Introducing the new Delta Extrax Preheat Delta 6 THC-X + THC-jd + THC-B Live Resin Disposables. Get ready for a unique cannabis experience with this revolutionary product.

Our extra powerful preheat Delta 6 disposable allows you to enjoy the highest quality terpene rich THC live resin available, with no hassle or mess. Each device contains a combination of three different strains, each one offering its own unique flavor and effects profile.

Enjoy an intense and flavorful smoke with no need for expensive machines or complicated setups – just fill up your device and start puffing away! With our convenient and advanced disposables, you can easily get your daily dose of relaxation and therapeutic effects – perfect for recreational users and medicinal patients alike.


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