Doggy Be Good™ CBD Soft Chew Treats

$29.99 or $26.99 / month


Green Garden Gold was the first CBD dog treat manufacturer in the world. Established back in 2013, we have been helping your best friend live their best life for almost a decade! Whether you saw us in USA Today or on the information matrix’s “the miracle that was Pumpkin” hosted by Lawrence Fishburn. Our dog treats are award-winning.  Rest assured that no other dog treat has helped more of our furry friends live longer and recover faster from illness than our amazing industry-leading Dog Treats!

These easy to carry and tasty beef-flavored Doggy Be Good™ CBD Soft Chew Treats will have your best friend begging for more. With 2mg of CBD per treat, you can rest assured that your dog is healthier and happier.


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