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Extrax THCP Vape Cartridge Goji OG

$44.99 or $40.49 / month

Delta Effex Goji OG THCP vape cartridges are a potent Sativa strain for daytime use that’ll push you into a heady euphoric dreamland! Starting with a base of Delta-8 THC, this vape cartridge is enriched with THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol), which is claimed to be many times more powerful and intoxicating than regular Delta-9 THC. This delicious Sativa strain is known to be focused in the head, with effects ranging from uplifting, energizing, productive, to enjoyably euphoric. Users experience only mild effects in the body, so it’s a perfect daytime aid for various ailments when you need to remain functional. This Goji OG THCP vape cartridge will be a delicious addition to your daytime regimen, so get one today and enjoy your day!


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