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Extrax THCP Disposable Tahoe OG 2g

$59.99 or $53.99 / month

Delta Extrax Tahoe OG THCP Disposable are a pure Indica strain with strong tendencies toward relaxation, calmness, and most especially sleep. Starting with a base of Delta-8 THC, this disposable is enriched with THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol), which is claimed to be many times more powerful and intoxicating than regular Delta-9 THC. The combination of Delta-8, THCP and Tahoe OG terpenes makes this disposable a powerhouse that users report provides a pleasant euphoric experience. THCP is a new experience you deserve to try, so don’t wait, get a Tahoe OG THCP disposable today, you’ll definitely enjoy the end of your day!


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