Extrax Best Buds Disposables Headbanger X OG Shark OG 2 Pack

$59.99 or $53.99 / month

Delta Extrax Headbanger X OG Shark Best Buds Disposables are perfectly paired Hybrid blends with Live Resin THC-O + Delta 9 for a balanced cerebral experience! You get 2x the fun, since this product has 2 x 2g = 4g of disposable fun! A collaboration with the Sugar brand, these Best Buds Hybrid strains will have a light cerebral buzz, with uplifting properties, yet typically not overwhelming so you can stay functional throughout the day. With just enough Delta-9 THC blended in to be within the 0.3% 2018 Farm Bill compliance, you’ll surely want to have these Best Buds THC-O + Delta-9 THC disposables on hand for some daytime fun!


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