Delta 9 Taffy

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Delta 9 Taffy

  • Includes 10mg Nano-Delta 9 THC & 20mg CBD Per Serving
  • Delta 9 THC enhanced with nanotechnology
  • Farm Bill 2018 Compliant = <0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Industrial Hemp Derived
  • Legal & Compliant in all 50 States!

This product is for only 21 over purchasing.

CBD American Shaman has perfected the blend of legal and compliant Delta 9 THC with a full spectrum blend of cannabinoids and infused it in thc chews bringing us these THC salt water chew indulgences. You’ll experience the entourage effect from this combination as the Nano-Delta 9 THC in these chews are combined with other cannabinoids with a full spectrum approach. We all need a night to kick back and relax and these infused Delta 9 chews will give you precisely what you need.

Each of these saltwater chews has a serving size of 10mg of Delta 9 and 20mg CBD.

Remember that if you need a lower amount you can cut the chew in ½ or in ¼ sizes to give you 5mg Delta 9 THC in ½ or 2.5mg D9 THC in ¼.  Everyone has their specific level of experience they want and sometimes you might really want to bring the dial-up on your experience, for those times you can take 1 or 2 chews to give you 10mg THC or 20mg THC.

If you thought only good THC can be purchased at a dispensary, we promise you that you won’t be able to tell a difference and will likely even prefer the way this gets you there with nanotechnology giving you more bioavailability and experience from less THC. Just remember, this is industrial hemp THC that you can buy here online or in any CBD American Shaman store in the country.

If you’re used to just using CBD, this is a great way to try out Delta 9 and see what it’s like, just be sure to try 1/4 or 1/2 first if it’s your first time.

THC Content

Delta 9


Watermelon, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Blackberry, Variety


10 Count, 25 Count, 80 Count


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